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Blogging for class

Here is a quick explanation of how the blogging for class is supposed to work:

– Every student sets up a blog somewhere

– the URL of the blog is communicated to the professor

– the professor adds the blog URL to the course blog

– from then on the course blog regularly checks whether there are new posts to the student’s blog

– when new blog posts are found, they are syndicated to the course blog

– students should blog frequently, but specifically how often, when, and at what length is left to the students


Proof Techniques

Today I noticed a student in a graduate course being somewhat hesitant in presenting an induction proof. Next induction proof, hesitant again. It seems that some of the students, who are not from a CS or Math background, feel a bit insecure about proofs.

What to do? Make them prove!

So now I’m looking through online resources that will meet the following criteria:

  1. introductory enough for non-Math, non-CS people, who have had very little exposure to proving
  2. advanced, thorough, and challenging enough for graduate students from science/engineering disciplines
  3. convey the elegance of rigorous proof, and
  4. let them have fun proving

Thus far, I was most amused by the list of unacceptable proof techniques I found here.

I found some material on proof techniques, but what I found is either too basic, too concise, or too technical…

Blogfesores 2009 Open Access

I gave a talk at

Blogfesores 2009 Banner.

Here are the slides.

Remixing is Art

and here is a wonderful proof of this

I saw this today in a presentation at Blogfesores 2009

Moonlight or Silverlight? Even Monlight’s license considered “radioactive”

A zdnet blog reports on how Silverlight is ahead of Moonlight.

With the license considered “radioactive” by some, this shouldn’t even be called “open source”…

Org-Mode nominated for Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2009

I just nominated Org-Mode for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2009. If you know it and share my opinion, please vote for it.

Business Readiness Rating

One of the sources for evaluation templates for free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS). I will collect this and other resources here.

There is an empty
template for OpenOffice or for Microsoft Office.

The same web page also contains filled ratings for several sample applications. Observe that these were published in 2005…